10 Front Garden Ideas You Can Use For Small Spaces

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Landscaping and designing your front yard can be a challenge especially if you have limited space to work on. You need to consider the appeal of the facade of your home when dealing with your yard. Here are front garden ideas you can try for your humble abode.

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Front Garden Ideas for Small Spaces That You Can Try

1. Frame Your Garden

Red Tulip Garden Fence | Front Garden Ideas You Can Use For Small Spaces

Frame your front garden with style by using gates and fences to open up the footpath leading to the front door. This will also give the yard a formal impression leaving all the spaces occupied with plants.

You can use low hedging plants for the path for a cleaner look.

2. Steppingstone Path


Create an inviting front yard by creating a steppingstone path. Surround the stones with perennial flower beds to create layers. You can also add a path leading to a created space away from the front door.

Place a centerpiece at the end of the path like a small water fountain, birdbath, or a chair and consider it as your meditating space.

3. Add a Patio


Convert your front yard to a patio instead of a full garden to make a small space look bigger. Use large pieces of irregular stones or gravel for the entire space.

For the greens, you can place potted plants on top of the stones or use the opposite edges of the patio for planting beds.

4. Keep It Simple


If you have very limited space in your front yard, keep it simple. Even with a tight ground to use, a mini garden and some space for a pathway can still be done.

A small strip of planting beds pushed against the wall can be considered. To keep it more simple, use a low hedging plant and partner it with one type of colorful blooms.

5. Add Height


Adding height to your front garden will give an illusion of a very spacious lawn. You can also add a pergola arch in the entrance of the garden.

It is best to add this when you have a low-standing gate to make the arch look very high. For the path, add shrubs and perennials as lining for depth and color.

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6. Create a Path Lined With Flowers


Use low-growing plants and small shrubs to line the path from the curb to your front door. You can use mini roses or other small-growing flowers for color, and rows of small shrubs for the greens.

If you still have enough space around it, consider adding grass or gravel to make the front yard look cleaner.

7. Urban Square


Keep your space vibrant by adding a square in the middle of your front yard to create an urban garden. This is perfect for those who live near the city where the front spaces are tighter and have more concrete than grass.

When planning a small square garden, consider layering by putting the low-lying plants in the front, followed by a flower bed, and small trees or hedges at the back to create a small cover for your house. This is a great idea to add privacy if you have a front porch.

8. Add Small Trees


Add dwarf or semidwarf trees in your front garden to create depth and an illusion of a bigger space. You can use a Crape Myrtle (for Zones 7-9),  Blackhaw Viburnum (for Zones 3-9), Weeping Redbud (for Zones 5-9), or a Japanese Maple (for Zones 5-8).

Most of these trees grow about six feet in height.

9. Street Side Planters


For those living in the city who wants a front garden but doesn't have enough space because of all the concrete, a street-side planter can be considered. Raised planter boxes situated near the curb can be added.

For the plants, use low-maintenance plants that love the sun since it will be getting a lot of it outside.

10. Stone Walls

Walled Garden Flowers | Front Garden Ideas You Can Use For Small Spaces

Stone walls provide a more formal look for your garden. Stack up stones and add neatly trimmed hedges to make your front yard look clean.

You can use the tiny space behind the wall as a planter for low lying plants like a Lily of the Valley or Spotted Dead-Nettle.

Watch this video from DIY Garden Ideas for more front garden ideas when you're on a budget:

Reorganizing and fixing your front yard can make your space bigger than it actually is. Just follow these simple tweaks and add-ons to your garden as it also affects the impression of your house. These front garden ideas should help you maximize your small space.

Do you have other front garden ideas in mind? Share it with us by leaving a comment in the section provided below.


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