Fun Garden Activities For Kids Even You Will Enjoy

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Garden activities for kids are a sure way to keep them busy and at home while we are braving this pandemic. Given the situation, we also have to ensure the little ones don't spend the entire day in front of the television.

With exciting gardening activities for your kids, they can look forward to staying safe at home with you. You can choose from getting them to grow their own vegetables or discover their talents.

Don't worry about the logistics of these garden activities for kids. They are simple and suited for different ages. With little creativity (and patience, of course), the entire family will be in the garden having the best time.

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Parent's Guide to Garden Activities for Kids

1. Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder


Who said birds can't have their snacks? Imagine your child perched at the window bird-watching in their free time. Now that's fun and educational – hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Pizza or Taco Garden


Everyone will agree with me if I say growing your own pizza is more enjoyable than buying a boxed one. This garden activity for kids will make them appreciate and love the vegetables you put in their food.

3. Button Garden Markers


Involve the kids in gardening. Let them create these fancy garden markers with your stash of dress buttons. Mix and match the colors.

For instance, use red buttons for tomatoes, green for lettuce and kale, and yellow for lemons and squash. This is a fun way to introduce youngsters with vegetables in your garden.

4. Nature Paint Brushes

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Scour your garden for some colorful flowers and leaves for your kid's next artwork. Tie them to a branch and let your child's artistic talent take over.

5. Spongy Sprout House


Keep them indoor by helping them build a sprout house made of a kitchen sponge. Waiting for these sprouts to grow will keep them busy for days.

6. Themed Miniature Garden

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The toddlers will enjoy this DIY mini-garden all throughout spring and summer. Have them imagine a world for TV or movie characters they love.

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7. Garden Texture Hunt


What kid doesn't want an adventure? Send them on a modified scavengers hunt all over your garden.

8. Egg Herb Garden


When you're done with your omelet in the morning, don't throw those eggshells away. You can let your little ones use them as  “pots” for their own herb garden.

9. Garden Tic-Tac-Toe


Let the battle of the bugs begin! This adorable tic-tac-toe will be a sure hit afternoon past time for all.

10. Flower Suncatcher

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Dried flowers and leaves are gorgeous when light strikes them. These suncatchers are so easy to make. Your kids are gonna love collecting garden materials and making suncatchers on their own.

11. Kitchen Scrap Gardening

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This is a practical activity for your kids. Teach them the value of thrift and ingenuity by replanting store-bought vegetable scraps.

12. Garden Music Wall


If your kids are into music, a music wall of their own is a great addition to your garden. Use materials from your home to create musical instruments.

13. Color-Changing Flowers

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Amaze your kids with a fun kitchen science perfect for Spring! You can practice their observation skills by letting them note the changes over time.

Watch and learn to make these DIY bug habitats by WhatsUpMoms:

I ‘m sure these fun and wholesome garden activities for kids will be worth their time. You can make your child's garden experience meaningful and entertaining. Who knows, maybe in the future they'll be amazing green-thumbs themselves.

How do you plan on keeping the kids busy and learning? Let us know in the comment section below.


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