11 Easy DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Do This Fall Season

It’s back to school season! With the kids away at school, we all got extra time to work on some DIY garden projects. And I’ve got these ideas I’m sure will excite you.

Whether you just want some additional garden fixtures or a total garden overhaul this season, you’ll find interesting DIY garden projects to work on here.

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11 Must-Try DIY Garden Projects to Do This Fall Season

1. DIY Garden Bench Planter

modern cedar bench and planter | Easy DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Do This Fall Season
You can do this easy DIY garden bench planter in a heartbeat. All you need are some cinder blocks, pieces of lumber, paint, and some concrete adhesive. So for those who think they’ve got no time, you’ll be surprised by this easy DIY garden project.

2. DIY Garden Tire Swing

[sc name="backyard-miracle-blue1-a-link"]

recycled tire swing | Easy DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Do This Fall Season

Give your good old tire swings a twist by jazzing them up with some artwork. Make them cozy and throw in some pillows for a new ultimate hangout place for your kids.

3. DIY Rain Chain

The rain chain is also called the downspout and is currently creating quite a stir in functional home and garden design. Get on with the trend and create a DIY rain chain instead of the usual rain water spout.

4. DIY Salad Box

Take advantage of the cool weather and maintain a salad box with your favorite greens. You won’t have to run to the store every time you want to toss up a salad for dinner.

5. DIY Wooden Rain Waterfall

mountain spring water flowing out of wooden gutter | Easy DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Do This Fall Season
With the falling leaves come the rainy season too. Something to be excited about when you can come up with this DIY rain pipe waterfall.
Or you can do this dry bed design to keep it interesting even when dry.

6. DIY Mini Rain Garden Pond

Take advantage of all that rainwater and build a mini pond this season. Get a feel of the tropics with a water fixture right in your garden or patio.

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7. DIY Gutter Vertical Garden

You’ve probably seen this before, and it’ll be worth a try this fall season. Fall-loving plants such as anemones and forget-me-nots will look great in them.

8. DIY Bird Feeder

winter feeding | Easy DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Do This Fall Season
Our bird friends will be checking in for the season. Feed and invite them over with a cool and rustic bird feeder.

9. DIY Self Feeding Fire Pit

[sc name="backyard-miracle-blue2-a-link"]

With the cool weather, outdoor hangouts need to be warmed with a fire pit. You’ll love this self-feeding fire pit idea for your backyard.

10. DIY Tipsy Pots

This is one great vertical gardening idea for small space gardens. Terra cotta pots will do great for the job.

11. DIY Fall Window Boxes

[sc name="backyard-miracle-blue1-a-link"]

Your window, dressed right, is a great welcome to the new season. Add some fall decorations including some pumpkins and you’re good to go!

Watch this video from Great Gardening Gifts to learn how to create a DIY tipsy pot: 

With these DIY garden projects, you won’t run out of ideas and options for ways to boost your garden. Make use of your space, take advantage of the weather, and amp up your creativity this fall season.

Did you find these ideas interesting? Let me know by sharing some comments below.

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