What’s The Best Time To Water Plants During Summer Time

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You should know the best time to water plants during Summertime to ensure your plants are always in good health. You can't just get a watering can or turn on the sprinkler and water your plants anytime you want.

There are things to keep in mind to save your plants from wilting and getting fungal diseases. Read on to know more!

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The Best Time to Water Plants in the Summer

Importance of Timing in Watering Plants

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When it comes to watering plants, the timing is sometimes neglected. But, knowing the best time in watering plants is as important as distinguishing the best type of soil for a specific variety of plants.

Practicing proper routine in watering your plants, especially during the hot season, will prevent bacterial diseases and will lead to an abundant garden.

When Should You Water Plants on a Hot Day?

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Morning is the ideal time to water plants. Just like us, a glass of water is so satisfying right after waking up. Plants too, they need to rehydrate every morning to make them happy throughout the day.

Watering plants early in the day, just before the sun rises, give them enough time to dry before the night. This will allow the water to penetrate into the soil down to its root without losing too much water to evaporation.

A morning watering will also prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

Watering plants at night isn't really necessary. There are exceptions, but most of the plants don't need extra water during the night.

With no heat from the sun, excess water from watering will just sit there. Fungi and bacteria love the wet surface, and without enough heat, they can multiply and damage the foliage.

What Is Wilting and How to Avoid It

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Wilted plants look dull and withered. Heat can lead to plant dehydration, making them look wilted. Proper irrigation and plenty of water every morning can avoid plants from wilting. This will provide enough water supply for them to survive the heatwave.

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When to Water Depending on Your Garden

1. Container Garden

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For most container plants, the soil should be moist for about 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10 cm) deep. Water the plants until the water comes out of the drainage. This will make sure the water will penetrate into the roots of the plant.

Container gardens tend to dry out quickly compared to in-ground plots. The small space of the container stores less moisture. That being said, watering container plants two to three times a week is ideal. Early in the morning is still the best time to do the watering.

If your plants have grown to full-size, you should consider placing them in a larger container that can hold a larger amount of water.

2. Vegetable Garden

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You must know how to water your veggies the right way. They can be sensitive at times and must be given extra care most especially during the summer. Vegetables like cucumbers, radishes, cauliflower, celery, and peppers demand sufficient water in hot days.

Avoid watering them late in the afternoon because the foliage will likely stay wet all night, which can cause fungal and bacterial diseases.

3. Flower Garden

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Your flower garden should be consistently moist during the drought season. The best time to water flowering plants is in the morning between 6 am and 10 am. Make sure to give them plenty of water.

Lack of moisture can cause flowering plants to wilt. Just like vegetables, flowers need extra care for them to produce healthy and gorgeous blooms.

What If Night Watering Is the Only Option?

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Not everyone is the same. Some can't get up early just like everyone else. My body clock can be different from yours, and your morning schedule can be more hectic than mine.

Watering your garden at night could be the last resort. If evening watering is your only option then you must learn some watering strategy to properly do it.

The best way to water plants during night time is deep watering. This technique will support the strong roots to withstand the heat the next day.

Tip: Hand water your garden using a watering can or hand-held hose so you can aim the water low to the ground. This will keep the foliage dry, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Watch this video from GrowVeg to learn some smart tips in watering a vegetable garden:

Plants need plenty of water to thrive during the hot season. However, watering plants can be tricky depending on their type and location.

Knowing the best time to water plants is one of the most crucial parts we need to fully understand. These things will help us achieve our dream summer garden with healthy and happier plants!

Do you have other suggestions on when is the best time to water plants during the summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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