21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Planning to add something interesting to your garden by adding a small pond? A water fixture is definitely a refreshing idea for your home and garden. Plus, growing pond plants will add excitement in your gardening. So I have selected for you a wide array of interesting pond plants you can grow in your water garden. Check them out below.

21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Grow A Water Garden With These Cool Pond Plants

In choosing pond plants for your water garden, you have to understand that there are different types of pond plants. They are classified according to the area in the water fixture they best survive. The marginal or bog plants are those perfect for the deepest area of your pond. There are also water plants like the water lilies that root deep under water while the leaves or flowers stay above the water. The easiest plants to grow in the pond are the free-floating plants that simply stays afloat.

Here's the lineup of pond plants you can choose from:


 1. Water Canna

Add an attractive foliage to your water garden with these plants that grow well on the edges or moist part of ponds. They're easy to grow plants that spread through shoots or rhizomes and seeds. Give color to your water garden with this pond plant.


2. Black Magic Taro

The charcoal color of this plant is a break from the usual green foliage in your pond. This bog plant resembles the shape of elephant ears that can add variety to the look of your water garden. They are easy to maintain as they do not spread fast and far.


3. Bamboo Rush

This interesting plant looks that like mini-bamboos are perfect for your small garden pond. Aside from its aesthetic uses, it also filters out yards with poor drainage systems. You can also grow this by itself in a container pond and it will still look nice and interesting inside your house.


4. Pickerel Rush

The attractive blue flowers of this water plant is an interesting addition to your garden pond. Be careful, though, as they can spread fast and wide and might take over the space of your pond. Maintain a decent amount by removing some of it every now and then.


5. Cardinal Flower

This plant with lovely little red flowers loves the water indeed. It will fit right in on the bank of your garden pond for a pleasant pop of color.  However, pests like slugs and snails find them attractive as well. So it's best to keep those bugs away while you have this in your garden.


6. Cattails

Cattails | 21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Grow Cattails in your pond as they are a common resident of swamps and rivers. It's like bringing nature home in your very own backyard. However, you have to specifically place them in a big area of your pond because they can grow up to 10 feet long.


7. American Lotus

American Lotus | 21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Your garden pond should never be without this lovely flowering water plant. You have to plant this in the deepest part of your pond along with your water lilies (if you plan to have those as well). Its leaves and flower will stay above water giving your garden a serene touch.


8. Water Lily

Water Lily | 21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Usually mistaken for the lotus, water lilies grow pretty much the same as the lotus does. Its leaves, however, slits in the middle, unlike the lotuses. Nonetheless, it's a classic addition to your water pond.


9. Water Hyacinth


This free-floating plant is illegal to grow in Texas. Despite its beauty, it actually has the capacity to invade a whole pond or river that can endanger fishes. Dispose of them properly when pruning or when removing old plants to avoid fast multiplication.


10. Water Lettuce

This interesting free-floating plant is a non-native aggressive invader and is also illegal to grow in Texas. You just have to be careful in growing this so that it doesn't take over your pond or any body of water near you. And yes, you have to be careful as this is not the type of lettuce you can eat in your salads.


11. Water Celery


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When grown in unpolluted waters, this water plant can be safely eaten by humans. Plus, it's ribbon-like leaves add texture to your pond. Plant this in waters that are permanent, clean, and free of pollution so they can grow well.


12. Blue Flag Iris

Blue Flag Iris | 21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

Did you know that this striking blue flower water plant is the official state flower of the U.S. state of Tennessee? Do include this in your list of water plants to grow in your garden pond if you want a colorful garden. The height of the plant also adds variety to the overall look of your pond.


13. Red Hygrophila

Your colorful Koi Pond will be even much more vibrant with these red underwater plants. It's a good substrate and is pretty low maintenance–just put it in the area where your pond gets the most sunlight. This is perfect for both your aquarium and your garden pond.


14. Marsh Mermaid

The marsh mermaid is what you commonly see in aquariums as they provide a great view underwater. But you  need to have patience with this underwater plant. It's easy to grow but it takes a long time to transform to its attractive red or orange color from a common green plant.


15. Pennywort


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With the many articles and studies made on the health benefits of this common water plant, this is not one to take out from your list. The pennywort is a water plant that has round leaves and a low-growing habit. The Asiatic version is one to plant if you're planning to add it to your salads.


16. Golden Club

Although the plant is related to the Calla and Peace lilies, this lonely plant is the only survivor in its family of water plants which does not have a wrapping around its spike. This will surely stand out with its lovely and cheerful color. Plus, its unique shape is great a sight for your pond.


17. Mosaic Plant

Talk about living up to its name, this plant certainly is a mosaic. Koi fishes love to eat this plant, so you have to remember that when putting them together in one pond.


18. Parrot Feathers Plant


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This water plant with an attractive foliage is highly invasive. It can grow and take over your garden pond if you are not careful. However, you cannot deny that it is a beautiful addition to your water pond garden.


19. Water Poppy


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You can plant this in the shallow parts of your pond. The cup-like shape of the flowers and the heart-shaped leaves will make your pond's edge really interesting.


20. Duck Weeds

Duckweed is a free-floating water plant that is the smallest of all flowering plants. It's advised to grow this in flowing water as it can easily take over permanent bodies of water. It can be food for both fishes and humans, and has the potential to purify water.


21. Calla Lily

Calla Lily | 21 Awesome Pond Plants For Your Dream Water Garden

This lovely flowering plant is really not a lily but loves water just the same. You have to be careful when growing this, especially if you have kids as the roots are poisonous. Nonetheless, it certainly makes any water pond classy and beautiful.


Watch this video from Better Homes and Gardens  more garden pond ideas:

You can have the best of both worlds in gardening. Create a refreshing water garden in your backyard and explore water gardening with these interesting pond plants to grow.


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