Planting Dahlias From Seeds | A Garden Season Guide

With the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, many gardeners have been fascinated with planting dahlias. These beautiful flowers have been a popular choice in most landscapes so why not start planting now?

A Foolproof Guide To Planting Dahlias Successfully

If you want to add beautiful colors to your garden, you might as well start planting dahlias! These pretty flowers are best planted in February, March, and April. Adding dahlias in your landscapes will surely make them stand out. Dahlias grow best in cool, moist areas and are not suited for planting in extremely hot places. They can be grown from tubers, bulbs, or seeds but in this post, I’ll be sharing with you a foolproof way to planting dahlias from seeds. So, let’s get those green thumbs working and learn to plant dahlias as you keep reading.


Things You Need For Planting Dahlias From Seeds:

  • Seed tray with a propagator lid
  • 10 cm pot
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Dahlia seeds


Planting Steps

Step One: Fill Seed Tray With Compost

Fill the seed tray with your multi-purpose compost. Make sure the compost is moist and distributed evenly. You can moisten the compost by sprinkling water to it. However, you need to ensure the compost is not dripping wet as it may affect the germination process. Then, firm the surface by lightly pressing the compost into the tray.

Step Two: Sowing Dahlia Seeds

Once your seed tray is filled with compost, you’re now ready to sow those dahlia seeds! Simply push the seeds into the compost then cover the tray with the propagator lid. Make sure to put a label in your seed tray especially if you have different types of flowers prepared to keep track of your plants and avoid confusion.

The seeds will take about 5 to 7 days to germinate. Monitor the temperature since high temperature can result in failed germination.

Step Three: Transplant Seedlings

When the seedlings are no longer fragile and have grown its “true” leaves, they are now ready for transplanting. Choose the healthiest seedlings to transplant into individual pots. Avoid the stems of the dahlia seedlings and touch only the leaves then carefully pull them out of the soil. Plant dahlia seedlings into their individual pots, making sure the soil is firm and watered well.

Step Four: Harden your Dahlias

Come mid-May, you should harden your dahlias by taking them outside during daytime and bringing back in when night comes. When there’s no more risk of frost, you can now plant your precious dahlias in their final planting position.


Tips On Planting Dahlias

  • Choose a planting site where the flowers can receive full sunlight, about 6 to 8 hours. Select an area where the flowers can be protected from the wind.
  • Dahlias grow best in a rich and well-drained soil.
  • To avoid any pest infestation, protect your dahlias by applying snail and slug bait.


If you want to learn planting dahlias from tubers, watch this video:


If you’re thinking of adding life in your garden, planting dahlias could be the answer! It’s pretty easy, especially if you’re patient and determined to see the wonderful colors dahlias can bring. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get planting! Happy gardening!

Are you planning on planting dahlias in your garden? Do you have any additional tips to successfully grow dahlias? I would love to know your thoughts so send them in the comments section below!

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