11 Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas for a Unique Backyard

Vertical gardens don't have to be boring and complicated. With the right materials and designs, you can actually come up with a vertical garden that's unique. To help you out, here are 11 creative vertical garden ideas you can try!

11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Unique Vertical Gardens For Your Backyard

Vertical gardens exist mainly to make it possible for gardeners with small spaces in their homes to have their own garden that doesn't take up much space. However, aside from saving space, vertical gardens can also be a unique addition to your backyard.

Plus, it's just one more way to express your creativity. Have your plastic bottles, string, and wood ready because these vertical garden ideas will knock your socks off!

1. Upcycle those old bottles

8 Vertical Garden Ideas

Recycled Pet Bottles | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Your plastic bottles can be recycled in a hundred ways. One is by using them for a vertical garden. Stack them on top of each other and use a strong string to hold them up along with your perennial flowers and herbs.

One reason to grow your vegetable or plant in a vertical garden: Your dog won't dig up your garden, and neither will rabbits or deer.Natural News

2. Vertical garden on wheels

Grow A Vertical Garden


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Create a vertical garden on wheels with a pyramid tower garden. This requires meticulous measurements and construction. Once done, add herbs, fruits, and your favorite salad greens for a healthy meal with ingredients that are readily available in your backyard.

3. Arrange your pots on the wall

Vertical Farming For Compact Spaces

Pot On A Wall | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Add a twist to your pots by placing them on the wall, creating a unique outline or pattern. You can even paint on your pots for an added creative touch.

4. Utilize wooden crates

Vertical Garden In Two Ways

Vertical Crates Garden | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Make use of your old wooden crates at home and build a garden that holds all your nutritious vegetables, herbs, and spices.

5. Create a vertical garden overhang

Starting A Vertical Garden

This needs extra time to get done but once you've accomplished it, it will be a vertical garden for keeps. These are usually used for grass but you can always be creative and use it for other plants such as succulents, vines, and even flowers.

6. Spice up your fence with planters

12 Fence Planters Perfect For Vertical Gardening

Small Yard | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Have a mini vertical garden within a garden as your own special place for your edible flowers to keep them safe from pests and insects. Use tin cans, painted or plain, and hang them on a wooden wall or a chicken wire fence for easy placement.

7. PVC hanging garden

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

PVC Tubes | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Make use of your PVC tubes by planting your succulents and flowers in them. Just like the plastic bottles, hang them on top of each other with a string and enjoy the view.

8. Steel vertical garden

Grow Vegetables In A Steel Vertical Garden

Do you have hanging shoe racks? Well, you can apply the same principle to your vertical garden— just in a bigger rack with plants instead of shoes.

9. Succulent wall

Vertical Succulent Garden

Grow your vegetables vertically with a steel garden that provides sturdy support. You can also hang pots, bottles, or tubes against it for a personal touch.

10. Bamboo Stems

Bamboo Stems | 11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For A Unique Backyard

Why not plant plants in a plant? The hollow interior and cylinder form of the bamboo is perfect for a hanging vertical garden that will hold your smaller plants.

11. Wooden Pallets

Make use of wood once more and go all-out with it. Paint the wood and colorful plantsers for a striking vertical garden.

Discover this inspiring video about Wall Garden Vertical Garden Installation And Operation by Wall Gardener.

Have you figured out which creative vertical garden design is for you? Enjoy working on your new and fun garden!

Do you have any other ideas for creative vertical gardening? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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