32 Edible Flowers | The Complete List Of Flowers You Can Eat

Think flowers are only good for their beauty? Think again and surprise yourself with these flowers which are both worthy of your eyes and your palate. You might even be growing some or most of these edible flowers in your garden now!

Whip Up A Dish With These Edible Flowers In Your Garden

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Looking for Edible Flowers? Experiment with the tastes and texture edible flowers have to offer. Here is the complete list of edible flowers and how you can incorporate them in your own recipes.


1. Pansies Are Edible Flowers

Pansies are normally used to decorate pastries, garnish cocktails, soups, and even lemonade. They can taste grassy, to tangy or wintergreen depending on how they’re planted. Isn’t this pansy cake delightful?

2. Roses are Edible Flowers

Aside from being a top choice for decorating cakes, roses are perfectly good for drinks, jellies and even for common dishes, like risotto. Roses have a silky soft fragrance that can taste sweet with a deeper flavor on its darkest shade. Upon serving, please do not forget to remove the white heel on the roses as it has a bitter taste. These rose brownies were made with rose water and topped with dried rose petals! Aren’t they just lovely? Get the full recipe here

3. Nasturtiums are Edible Flowers

This is a salad show stopper for having a bright color (red, orange, yellow) which you couldn’t possibly ignore. Also, Nasturtiums are commonly known as edible watercresses, they have a peppery taste that will put a kick into your salad. You’ll love this Tomato Nasturtium Salad Recipe – check it out here

4. Johnny Jump Ups are Edible Flowers

Viola tricolor or heartsease may be served raw or cooked. Their leaves can be used in thickening a soup and the flowers for garnishing. Aside from being an edible flower, they are also considered a medicinal herb. How amazing do these spring rolls look? Learn to make them yourself HERE.

5. Dandelions are Edible Flowers

These bright yellow dandelions are something you’ll be looking forward to on your next neighborhood walk! Dandelions are the perfect edible flower because you can eat the whole thing from the root to the flower.  This natural beauty is perfect for garnishing a salad. Their seeds can be roasted and used as an alternative to coffee. You can even make a dandelion wine. The dandelion is not just an edible flower, it is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins! Click here for 16 more Dandelion Recipes.

6. Elderflower Can Be Consumed

Elderflower can be turned into an elixir, a tonic, and most commonly a liqueur. For this example, elderflower has been whipped up into a delightful strawberry lemon chiffon cake! Get the recipe here at HonestlyYUM.

7. Angelica Is an Edible Flower

This delicate white flower isn’t just good for cooking, it’s also great for your drinks. See how you can make this Angelica Infused Gin & Tonic here.

8. Arugula Is An Edible Flower

You may be used to having arugula on your salad but have ever considered adding its flowers? Get recipes on how you can try it here.

9. Basil Has Edible Flowers

Growing basil is easy so take advantage of your labor by adding basil flowers to some of your dishes. Try this Spiced apple & peach tarte tatin recipe.

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Isn’t it wonderful that there are flowers that are truly edible? Be bold and try them in your next dish! You may find it unusual at first, but you’ll learn to love the flowers of the field, and enjoy their exciting summer charm! The rule of thumb for edible flowers is – if you can safely eat the plant, then you can safely eat the flower! Please note – only serve edible flowers that are organic. Never use commercially grown flowers, on account of fertilizers or pesticides that are harmful to our bodies. We hope that this has inspired you to get experimental in your kitchen. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of these edible flowers and if this post has given you an idea for tonight's dinner!

We hope that this has inspired you to get experimental in your kitchen. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of these edible flowers and if this post has given you an idea for tonight's dinner!

Which edible flower recipe are you going to try? Let us know below in the comments!

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