Pruning Shears: How To Use This Handy Gardening Tool The Proper Way

Invested in a good pair of pruning shears? Then you need to take these points on how to use and handle your gardening tool properly. Find out how you can save big bucks with long-lasting pruning shears by applying these care methods and measures!

Are You Using Your Pruning Shears Correctly?

Every gardener must eventually enlist the service of a pair of pruning shears. Sure, regular scissors might work, but they're just not meant for heavy cutting tasks. I have broken a pair of kitchen scissors twice before deciding on a pair of pruning shears for my garden. Now, I use my pruning shears in most of my pruning activities in the garden. A pair of pruning shears is a must-have gardening tool for every gardener. But using it for the first time can be quite tricky. Fortunately, I have these ideas, tips, and a guide to help you.


How To Select The Best Pruning Shears

Just like with garden gloves, there is really a pair of pruning shears which is a perfect fit for you. Identifying your needs will help you decide on the right pruners. Learn more about choosing the right pruning shears for you here.

1. Learn About The Different Type Of Pruners

There are two types of pruners based on the cutting mechanism. These are the anvil type and the bypass. Likewise, considering the blade design, the classic parrot beak pruner makes the third type. The popular ratchet pruner, which can cut branches up to two centimeters thick, fit into the bypass type.

2. Identify The Characteristics Of The Best Pruners

There are different designs of pruners out there, but there is one which will fit you perfectly. Besides the quality of the material, ease of handling and operating this garden tool should be considered. The blades might be sharp and thick, but if it doesn't fit your hand perfectly then you're in trouble. If you have large hands but a weak grip, for example, then the Ratchet pruner is great for you.


How To Use The Pruning Shears Properly

It can be a bit intimidating to use pruning shears especially if you have been used to ordinary scissors. Chances are you'll be using it the same way you would your scissors. Here are a few hints on how to use pruning shears properly.

1. Select The Right Angle

If you are heading or cutting away dead flowers or stalks, it's as simple as cutting straight through. However, if you are cutting to propagate plants, a slanting cut would be ideal. Make sure to cut farther from a node to keep water from gathering and the cut part from rotting.

2. Get The Branch All The Way In

Don't mistake your pair of pruners for a pair of scissors. Going snip-snip through the branches will surely strain your hands. Grip the handle tightly yet comfortably and hold the branches all the way in between the blades. Taking note of this small technique will also protect the pruner blades.

3. Making The Cut

Hold the stem or branch to steady it. With the branch properly lodged in between the pruning shears, squeeze the handle to close the blades. Then cut through the stem in one fluid motion.


How To Handle Pruning Shears Properly And With Precaution

As with any household and garden activities, prevention is always better than cure. Prevent accidents and prevent your tools from getting easily damaged by taking precautionary measures and learning how to handle your tools. Read on for these helpful tips.

1. Work Comfortably

You don't want to be selecting branches and stems with just one hand. And you certainly don't want to be stooping down and standing up to put down and pick your pruners up. A holster for garden tools would be very handy. It will keep you hands-free and will keep your tools safe.

2. Wear Protective Gear

The friction of the pruners against the skin in your hands can be strenuous. You would do well to protect your hands with thick gardening gloves. Accidents occur in the garden and the adage “Prevention is better than cure” is perfectly applicable. Always wear appropriate work clothes when working in the garden. When pruning, it is best to wear work boots to protect your feet and safety goggles for your eyes.

3. Keep Your Shears Sharp And Clean

Well-maintained pruning shears can last you for a generation, thereby saving you money in the long run from buying garden tools often.

Clean your pruners of any plant bits and particles lodged in the crevices before and after using it. This will help you operate the tool properly and avoid accidents while working.

Always keep your pruning shears sharp for ease in operating it. Most importantly, avoid cutting through wires. Your pruners may look like pliers but resist the temptation to use them incorrectly.


Learn how to remove rust from your pruning shears in this video: 

Now that you have a better idea of how to select, use, and maintain your garden shears, I'm sure you'll be able to get more out of your gardening experience. I'm also positive you'll save big bucks on a pair of pruning shears that'll last!

Were these gardening tips, ideas, and guide helpful to you?  Let me hear your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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