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Looking for a garden cart that suits your style and needs? With plants to transfer and soil to load or unload, you'll wish there were two of you. Check how the common garden carts have evolved over the years, and find out which one is perfect for your garden!

Wooden, Metal, And Portable Garden Carts To Help You


I never thought I would take gardening seriously but a month into it, I knew I needed more than just the basic gardening tools. Now I have two different garden carts in the tool shed, one for clearing up and one for planting. Whether you are a serious gardener or planting for fancy, a garden cart is a must-have gardening tool in the garden. Even if you have a small garden or a larger one, there is at least one garden cart that's just right for you. This handy garden tool has changed so much to make up for the needs of growers like you.


1. Wrought Iron Garden Cart

Isn't this dainty garden cart just lovely? Use this to transfer your favorite potted plants, or you can station it in a special in the porch or patio as a garden decorative. Of course, with the potted plants on top.

2. Good Old Wheelbarrow

While wheelbarrows are mostly associated with building and construction, they're pretty handy around the garden too. In fact, they're the best when transferring garden soil or garden compost. Well, with both planting and building that you'll potentially do in your garden, this wheelbarrow is definitely handy.

3. Multi-Purpose Portable Garden Cart

A handy garden cart that's both interesting and exciting, it functions both as a tool storage than a cart. It's got compartment and slots to help you organize your gardening equipment. But most exciting at is the sink that comes along with it where you can wash your hands before the dirt in your hands thickens.

4. Wooden Farm Wheelbarrow

This old timer is one classic garden cart which you no longer see in modern homes and garden. Perhaps you'll find this in a garden more as a decorative than a functioning cart. You will be likely to repurpose this as a planter once it wears out with all the gardening hauls. And that is what's great with wooden garden tools.

5. Classic Wooden Garden Cart

You may think that this is just another wooden garden cart but when hauling potted flowering plants, a taller and more stable garden cart should be employed. This garden cart with bigger wheels will best do the job. When you're not hauling potted plants, you can just leave them in this garden cart as well as a decorative.

6. Classic Wooden Garden Cart

These classic garden carts are just elegant and charming in the garden, I just can't get enough of them. This one, for example, brings me to the good old colonial times when gardening wasn't just a pastime but a way of life. A lifestyle which I would love to be in and which I try to.

7. Repurposed Garden Cart Planter

Transform old wooden garden carts into a focal garden decoration for your garden landscape. Bold colors in your garden design are trendy right now so make sure you use a bold color to repaint your old wooden garden cart.

8. Shabby Chic Garden Cart

Turn old grocery carts into this shabby, vintage-looking garden cart using your creativity and imagination. You sure could use the deep bin design of grocery carts to your garden's advantage. With more garden tools or gardening stuff to fit in this design, you'll save both time and effort in your gardening.

9. Low BinWooden Garden Cart

With a low tray or bin in this wooden garden cart, you can hold as much grass clippings and leaves after a cleanup. You won't have to go multiple times to and for the dump site or compost pile. You can also haul as much of your harvest with enough space so you won't have to pile them on top of each other.

10. Heavy Duty Metal Garden Cart

Metal are undeniably sturdy and long-lasting, especially in garden carts. They are lighter to move around as well. This garden cart design with four wheels will allow you to move more potted plants without disturbing the planters so much.

11. Metal Mesh Garden Trailer

This durable garden cart can be easily attached to your lawn tractor or ATV for long distance hauls. With its simple metal mesh design, cleaning this cart is no-sweat since the dirt will just sift through the gaps. You can easily transfer potted plants and compost or soil bags in this garden cart.


Watch how you can make a DIY garden cart in this video:

Did you find just what garden cart you are looking for on the list? I hope this selection made it easier for you to choose a garden cart that's going to work for you. Whether you are hauling, unloading or simply designing your garden these garden carts should help you!

Which of the garden carts did you like best? I'm interested to hear all about it from your comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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