A Guide For Dummies: How To Choose The Best Pruning Shears

For the pro gardener, this task is simple and easy. For starters, choosing the best pruning shears can be a bit of a challenge. You need to experience breaking a few good pairs of scissors before finally deciding that you really need pruning shears in keeping up your shrubs. Here's a simple guide for choosing the best pruning shears for you.

A Guide For Dummies: How To Choose The Best Pruning Shears

3 Simple Guide To Choosing The Best Pruning Shears For You

Pruning is an important practice in gardening. If you want your rose bushes to bloom nicely you need to cut dead branches to avoid insects infesting on them. The non-blooming burning bushes can have their best color with pruning. A good pair of pruning shears, also called secateurs, will be needed for this job and you have to choose the best one for you.


1. Understand The Types Of Pruning Shears

The first step to knowing which pruning shears will work for you is to understand the types. There are four types or blade designs for pruning shears. Each has different features that address specific needs of the gardener.

If you have weaker hands because of some health issues, this is the pruning shear that's best for you. The blades of the ratchet pruners are of the anvil style. It has a sharp upper blade that squeezes with the unsharpened anvil cutting branches as thick as two centimeters.  The difference comes in the ratcheting mechanism that works like a car jack making it easier to cut. It also has an easy-open lock for your protection.

The bypass pruning shear works like a pair of scissors, with a sharp upper blade passing past the non-sharp blade. This allows a clean cut when pruning live tree branches. Its small head can pass through tightened space. This will be best for your kitchen herbs or for picking fruits like lemons and grapes.

The sharp blade and the non-sharp part or the ‘anvil' of this pruning shear can cut small branches by using pressure. They are the type to use in cutting dead limbs or branches to clean up small trees like blueberries. You just have to keep them sharp as they can crush instead of cut through stems when they turn dull.


The parrot beak pruning shears as the name suggests has blades shaped like the beak of the parrot. This pruning tool cut stems by trapping them between the blades much like how parrots crush their food. This reliable vintage pruning tool is best used for cutting flowers for your flower arrangement.


2. Consider Factors In Choosing The Best Pruning Shears

Now that you know the types of pruning shears, you also have to know their extra features to guide you in your choice. Select quality and go for the durable kind of materials used for the blades like high-carbon steel. Check out the springs used in most pruning shears. This is one important part of the tool. If you are an expert, invest on more durable ones. For novice gardeners, choose easy to use durable pruners that are easier to clean and manage.

The Size and weight of pruning shears matter. So don't go for the big and heavy ones if you have smaller hands to avoid putting much strain on them. There are actually pruning shears that are designed for those with bigger hands. Left-handed? Then the Felco 9 bypass pruning shears are the best for you. With that being said, the ease in handling a pruning shear should be on your top list for points to consider.


3. Learn How The Best Pruning Shears Are Maintained

First of all, choose brightly colored designs for your gardening tools like your pruning shears. Do not let it get mixed with the foliage and branches you have pruned, or you'll lose and damage it. As with any tool, it is important to clean them after using so they don't rust if they moist. Or have dirt and pieces from pruning that could jam parts or the whole pruning shear itself. Well-maintained tools can last a lifetime, saving you a lot on your pocket.


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Let your rose bushes have vibrant, colorful blooms by pruning them. This can be achieved by using pruning shears that are right for you. You can now easily choose the best pruning shears with this simple guide.

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