15 DIY Spring Garden Projects You Should Start Doing [With Pics]

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Who doesn't love a promising spring garden with tiny greens and flowers growing? Start off the growing season with these smart DIY ideas you can do for a successful gardening season!

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Kick-off the Season With These DIY Spring Garden Ideas

Springtime Gardening

With my gardening tools already laid out in the mudroom, I am totally excited for spring. Though I got to garden indoors during winter, nothing beats working outdoors in springtime with fresh air and warm sunshine.

But then, growing vegetables outdoors will have to wait until after the last frost date. Good thing these DIY spring garden ideas will keep your hands busy and boost a bountiful harvest this growing season!

1. Easy DIY Mason Bee House

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Greet the return of our friendly pollinator bees with a bright bee house you can build on your own easily.

2. Stylish Homemade Squash Arch

Put up a trellis or an arch before you plant squash or pumpkin in spring for a lovely landscape.

3. Ingenious DIY Rain Barrel

rain barrel | DIY Spring Garden Ideas To Get Ahead This Growing Season

With the coming of spring, the rainy days are sure to follow. Don't let this natural, untreated water go to waste and save on your water bill by building a DIY rain barrel.

4. Organic DIY Wattle Fence

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/1KHPzsD-o1/ hidecaption=true width=1000]

If you've missed out on pruning overgrowth in your garden last fall, don't despair. The dead twigs and sticks can be crafted into wattles you can use to build a fence, a raised bed, or compost bins.

5. Cozy DIY Fabric Swing

Cozy DIY Fabric Swing | DIY Spring Garden Ideas To Get Ahead This Growing Season

While the list of gardening activities can get long in the spring, you can only do so much in a day. So give yourself a chance to put your feet up once in a while outdoors by building your own swing from fabric and wood.

6.  Practical Homemade Seed Tapes


Why buy costly seed tapes when you can make them easily and have them for free. You can use paper towels to make seed tapes, or better yet, old newspapers.

7. Dainty DIY Plant Marker

Plant Markers | DIY Spring Garden Ideas To Get Ahead This Growing Season

Fancy plant markers are available in all sizes and shapes at the garden supply store but I like mine rustic, organic, and best of all, free.

8.  Chic DIY Cement Planters


Some of your favorite plants may need dividing or transplanting and you will be needing planters for it. Make concrete or cement planters for durable, chic, yet affordable planters.

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9. Smart DIY Square Foot Raised Bed

If you're new to raised bed gardening or want a new idea for this season, then you'll like this nifty raised bed with extended benches. You can also check out more of these raised bed plans and ideas here.

10. Repurposed Hose Mudroom Doormat


Your mudroom will definitely get a fair share of dirt this wet and messy season. A few handy doormats in the room is a great idea for a DIY garden project using an old garden hose.

11. Unique DIY Spring Wreath

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/tv/B9buHpKHrsM/ hidecaption=true width=1000]

Greet the spring season with a unique wreath made from organic and raw materials found in your spring garden. You can even use it as a planter for dainty plants like forget-me-nots and ferns.

12. Homemade Pallet Tool Rack

Hold everything pallet tool rack | DIY Spring Garden Ideas To Get Ahead This Growing Season
With non-stop planting activities this season, a tool rack outdoors will be very convenient. You can make a DIY tool rack from pallets on a weekend and on a budget!

13. Whimsical Butterfly Bird Feeder

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BsrbFU1lRtD/ hidecaption=true width=1000]

Along with bees, butterflies are also sure to pay your flower garden a visit. Greet them a lovely springtime with a pretty and dainty butterfly feeder.

14. Fanciful DIY Rain Chain

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BxTNKeKDvJb/ hidecaption=true width=1000]

Trade your boring and formal downspout for a whimsical and charming rain chain.

15. Handy Pallet Gardening Table


If you've got a small gardening space, then this tool organizer with a foldable table is perfect for you. Isn't this DIY garden project convenient and best of all inexpensive?

Create this spring fairy garden as a special project and learn how in this video by Garden Answer:

Don't you find the spring garden ideas practical and useful? Any of these DIY garden projects and spring ideas will keep your mind off of the last spring frost date. They could even be exactly what you need for a fruitful and enjoyable gardening season ahead!

Which of the DIY spring garden ideas are you eyeing? I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Looking for vegetables to plants this season? Check out this post.

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