Garden Season Trivia | Why Start Growing Food In Your Garden?

Wondering why you should grow vegetables and fruits when you can easily get them at the supermarket? Read on to learn why you simply can't have food any fresher than when you have to harvest them by yourself. This might just be the push you need to start growing food in the comfort of your own garden.

Garden Season Trivia | Why Start Growing Food In Your Garden?

Start Growing Food Yourself Now And Enjoy The Perks After

Thinking of being self-sufficient with your food by growing it yourself? Then here are the only reasons you'll need to hear to convince you to start growing food yourself. No local farm market can compare to the ensured freshness of your own produce.



Even if you're using coupons to get discounts on your grocery bills, nothing beats getting your vegetables and fruits fresh and free. Food still takes up a large amount of your budget even if you're buying cheap and packed food. How much more when you're buying vegetables and fruits from supermarkets?

However, if you've just started gardening, don't go about buying all kinds of seeds, fertilizers, gardening tools and such which will eventually cost you more than what you'll save out of growing your own food. Start by growing the easiest first. And by easiest I mean, herbs. From there, you can go on to start other vegetables. Just learn to be patient and attentive to your slowly growing food.

Aside from saving money, you can also make money out of this. A lot of health-conscious individuals are now looking to local farmers for fresh vegetables and fruits. You can join local gardeners who put up their produce up for display and for sale. This way you can also help your local economy.



Gardening is good for you and your family. Take your kids with you, out of the couch and into your garden. The good vitamin D from the sun, fresh air, and being in the dirt make your immune system stronger. Gardening together will make you and your family happy and strengthen your relationship.

Gardening, they say, is good for the heart and soul. You witness miracles each day as each seed grows into a plant and bears fruit you can enjoy. With gardening, your emotional, behavioral, and social well-being somehow improves and revives. Your garden can give you a sanctuary where you can be yourself and de-stress. Gardens help beautify your home to attain an effortlessly relaxing vibe.

“You Are What You Eat”, an old saying goes. More than your emotional, and mental health, Science proves that eating fresh vegetables and fruits, especially those that you have grown organically has a lot of physical health benefits. They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that fight off toxins from the unhealthy food we eat. Time well spent in the garden is good exercise too. A gym membership can cost between $40 to $50 every month while you can sweat just as much in the garden for free.



There's a good reason why organic food sells in restaurants. And that's because they simply taste much better. Even chefs prefer organic vegetables and fruits straight from small local farmers. If you have harvested and tasted the fruits of your labor, you will understand what I am talking about.

Your harvest may not be as good as the ones in the groceries but the fact that you know where it came from makes it tastier. Besides, vegetables and fruits in groceries and the supermarket are bred for color and size–not for taste. By growing your own food, you know that your vegetables are not treated with pesticides and fertilizers that may be harmful in the long run.


“Watch This Wranglerstar Video For Ideas From Gardeners Who Grow Their Own Food.”


Growing your own food helps yourself, your family and your community. Start growing food your own now and enjoy the benefits.


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