How To Properly Use A Step Edger | Garden Tools Use And Care Guide

Want a well-defined lawn and garden edges? A step edger should be the perfect gardening tool for that. This guide on how to properly use and care for a garden edger should help you get started with your landscaping project, or simply keep your lawn edges neat!

Know How To Use A Step Edger For A Neat And Prim Lawn

It looked like a half moon and I didn't even know what it was for, then. Now, a moon edger or a step edge is definitely one of my favorite gardening tools. It's easy and simple to use and the lines it creates are impressive. Anyone can use it, even a girly mom like me. I don't have to spend big bucks on landscape contractors when I can take care of our garden landscape myself. If the moon or step edger is also new to you, you can follow this garden tool guide from ehow to enjoy this tool.


Here's How To Use A Step Edger

Step 1. Identify Area To Edge

Before you get started, make sure the garden edging tool is clean and in great working condition. Make an outline in the garden, flower bed, or pathway you want to edge. Place the sharp edge in the identified location and step on the blade to cut through the soil.

Step 2. Cutting Through The Soil

Give the edging tool a slight rock left to right to loosen the soil. Pull out the garden edging tool and move to the next side.

Step 3. Cutting Through The Garden Edge

If you encounter resistance, don't force it as you may damage roots, irrigation pipes, or even your step edger. Go all the way through your garden edge until you're satisfied with the results.


How To Care For A Step Edger

Cleaning Garden Edging Tool

Once you're done, clean your garden edging tool by picking on chunks of soil and grass stuck on the surface. Make sure to clean your tools properly to prevent rust and decay.

Maintaining Your Garden Edging Tool

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Sticking your digging tools in a bucket of sand is also a great way to clean your tools. Sand can clean dirt and rust on the metal parts of your tool. Drive your garden edger into a bucket of sand repeatedly until you are satisfied, then put it away in your garden tool shed. Remember, well-cleaned and maintained tools will save you big bucks down the line.


Check out the full video on how to use a Step Edger garden tool here:

Sure, a shovel could cut through the soil and give you garden edges–if you want a rugged garden edge. But we want smooth and well-defined edges for a manicured lawn. That's why the best gardening tools is perfect for garden edging than a step or a moon edger!

Don't you thing using a garden edging tool simple and easy? Tell me what you think about it in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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