Garden Season Tips: Solar Mole Repellent For Your Lawn

Are you pestered with mounds, ridges, and holes all over your lawn and garden? You spend time, money, and energy to keep your lawns manicured and looking perfect. Then moles decide to dig their tunnel in the very pristine grass you've worked hard on. Check this out to learn if the solar mole repellent is the best way to drive these pesky critters out of your turf.

Garden Season Tips: Solar Mole Repellent For Your Lawn

How To Keep Moles Off Your Garden And Lawn With The Solar Mole Repellent

While moles don't munch on your plants, they sure do a lot more of damage by ruining the very soil where your plants and lawn grass thrives. Moles are burrowing animals and it's frustrating how they choose to dig right in our vegetable patch or in our neatly trimmed lawn. There are many mole control devices or repellents out there but they tend to have short time effects. We now look to sonic devices for very good reasons which you will learn as you read through.


How It Works

You know that irritating feeling when you just want to listen to Seal and your next door neighbor is an Iron Maiden fan? It sort of works like that with the moles and the solar mole repellent. Only much worse for the moles to the point where they leave your lawn and dig somewhere else. Moles have poor eyesight so they rely much on their sense of touch and hearing when looking for food and digging. The solar mole repellent release ultrasounds and small vibrations that irritate moles and other burrowing pests.


It's Low Maintenance And Easy To Use

It looks like a disc attached to a stake that you can drive to the soil in any area you wish to rid of moles. Because it's easy to stick to the soil, you can easily pull it out too when you're doing some new project and arrangement in your lawn or garden. You won't have to worry about added electric bills since it's solar-powered. Meaning you get the energy from the sun for free. And you can leave it out in the open since it's water-resistant.


It's Multi- Purpose

If you're planning to light up your lawn and garden at night for added beauty, then install this solar device that's also equipped with LED light. And since one mole solar repellent can only cover 6000 square feet depending on the manufacturing company, the more of this device in your yard, the better. Not only does it work on moles, but it can drive away other burrowing pests like gophers, rodents, and even snake too.

It sure is frustrating to be driving out one pest, while here comes another. But with the solar mole repellent, more pests are eliminated with one device. Can it get any better than that?


It's Environment-Friendly

Store-bought pesticides may be effective. But it may cause more harm than good, especially to your plants. Animal rights groups disapprove of it too. The solar mole repellent uses technology to ward off pests, and is approved by the Humane Society of the United States. It also uses energy from the sun which is a renewable and environment-friendly source of energy.


Watch this video from FourCornersDirect for more pest control ideas:

A pest repellent that's labor-free, cost-effective, environment-friendly, and safe is your best bet. The solar mole repellent is indeed practical for of keeping your yard and garden free from moles and similar pests.

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