5 Tips to Achieve A Picture-Perfect Lawn

You think having a striking, well-groomed lawn is hard? Think again! To help you out, we compiled 5 tips for you to achieve that lawn that you've always wanted!

5 Tips to Achieve That Picture-Perfect Lawn


The Go-To Guide For Your Dream Lawn

The one who said “The grass is greener on the other side” must have been inspired by his neighbor's lawn. We know what you're thinking, “a lawn is just grass, why should one make a big deal out of it?” Well, a perfect lawn is also a healthy lawn, and that's what every gardener wants.
You wouldn't want a lawn that's uneven, dry, and full of weeds. What you want is a strikingly green, even, and dewy-looking grass. Here's how you can achieve that with these 5 tips.

Tip #1: Get Rid Of Those Weeds

This method allows the roots to have access to oxygen and water easily to assure a stronger root system. It will definitely jumpstart your picture-perfect lawn by springtime. To do this, you can rent and aerator or aerating sandals (for small lawns), to get through those hardened summer ground.

Tip #3: Feed Your Lawn With Fertilizer

Just like how an animal feeds itself in preparation for winter, you must also feed your perfect-perfect lawn before it hibernates for the cold season. You can feed your lawn with compost or Cow manure because it's rich in nitrogen. Also, it's a better organic option than chemical fertilizers.


Tip #4. Mow Lawn According To Ideal Height

There is an ideal cutting height for every type of grass. It is necessary to mow your lawn so you can gradually expose the base of the grass and allow more sunlight to reach it, preventing brown and mushy grass under snow and rain. Don’t go and have it too short, though. The measurement should be above 2 inches  and you'll achieve your picture-perfect lawn in no time. 


Tip #5: Keep Watering

A picture-perfect lawn is also a well-watered lawn. Morning is the perfect time for watering as the water evaporates less. If your lawn is new, you need to water more to let your plants establish.


Maintain your picture–perfect lawn with these lawn mowing tips from ozbreed.

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