5 Ways To Keep Your Veggies Rabbit-Proof

Looking for rabbit repellents to put an end to the frustrating rabbit invasion in your garden? Luckily, I found these environment-friendly ways to keep rabbits off my garden. Check them out for yourself!

How To Deter Rabbits Using Natural Rabbit Repellent

It would be easiest to just pick up a bottle of pesticide from the plant store, but that could cause great harm to the rabbits who are feasting on your veggies. And you don't want that, do you? Even if they're pesky. Although there are some synthetic rabbit repellents out there that are rabbit-friendly, I still prefer organic, old school, and low-cost. If you like it that way too, then help yourself to these natural ideas to keep rabbits off your precious plants!

1. Build Bunny-Stopping Barriers

Fences come in all forms and shapes: a mesh fence, netting, or chicken wire. It is an investment with long-term benefits for your vegetable garden. Keep in mind, during installation you must extend the fence below the ground, or cover the base since rabbits can dig their way into your vegetables.

2. Make A Homemade Rabbit Repellent

This chili pepper formula is cheap, especially if you've got them growing in your garden. Find out how to make a homemade rabbit repellent with this organic pesticide guide here. Make sure to apply the finished product frequently, especially after a heavy rain for continued effectivity.

3. Try Soap Rabbit Repellent

Rabbits seem to hate the smell of Ivory or Irish Spring soaps, particularly wild rabbits, who have a more sensitive sense of smell. This is good news for gardeners since this means less expense on commercial repellents. You just have to do the extra work of scraping the soap or cutting it up into bits. Then wrap the soap bits up in cheesecloth or old stockings and tie it to stakes driven in areas where rabbits often attack.

4. Grow Plants Rabbits Hate

Not all your plants are in danger of rabbit attacks. In fact, there are some which they would never even try to munch on, like cucumber, corn, squash, and tomatoes. You can grow squash and corn near each other as they grow well together. Use them as your line of defense for plants you've grown that are often attacked by rabbits, like carrots and soft greens. You can also check here for pest repellent plants particularly for rabbits.

5. Let The Dogs Out

Let The Dogs Out | Natural Rabbit Repellent | Ways To Keep Your Veggies Rabbit-Proof

Give rabbits a bit of a scare by letting your dogs out to give them a chase out of your yard. Keep an eye on your dogs, however, because they might end up destroying your crops in the process. Gardeners who keep dogs as pets will tell you it's worth having dogs in the garden and that they have indeed kept rabbits at bay.

Watch this video for natural rabbit repellent ideas to protect your vegetable patch:

There's not one natural rabbit repellent which is 100% effective in driving off these pesky critters from your vegetables. Yet no matter how pesky they are, you really can't think of harming them to keep your garden safe. So a synthetic chemical pesticide can never be an option. If one of these repellent options is not effective, then try using a combination of these rabbit repellents for maximum effectiveness!

Got any suggestion or questions about natural rabbit repellents? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!

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