Secret Survival Garden | How To Grow A Hidden Food Supply

Are you ready for a natural calamity or an economic collapse and a food shortage after? Whether your answer is yes or no, growing a secret survival garden should be on the top of your prep list. It may seem farfetched but wouldn't you rather be prepared than sorry? Few foods store well and whether it's the post-calamity period or the present, processed foods aren't good. Self-sustenance through plants is still the best way even in times of crisis. Find out how you can better survive with your family by growing your own food and learning to secure them smartly.

Hide Food In Plain Sight With A Secret Survival Garden

Watching post-apocalyptic TV shows and movies got me thinking just how I would do in such a hostile environment. Besides not dying, of course, I wondered how my family would deal with the food supply. Being gardeners who grow our own food, I should feel confident. But as commonly depicted, panic drives people to take from others. Take it from survivalist experts, securing food supply should be a skill to learn and master. Take a look at this infographic and learn to prepare and grow a secret survival garden here before a calamity strikes.



How To Camouflage Plants

Forget about a beautiful garden if you don't want to invite pillage troubles over. In times of crises, the uglier a garden is, the less are the chances of detection. If you can hide your precious food source among weeds and inedible bushes, the better.

Growing plant barriers around your secret food source would be ideal to deter anyone from foraging. Thorn bushes should be great plants to start with. An orderly garden will also call other's attention. So it's best to plant food plants in random and chaos.

It would be great to group plants like the three sisters in corn, squash, and beans. It will both avoid detection and each plant will benefit from each other.


What To Grow In A Secret Survival Garden

Not all plants are good at hiding like tomatoes with attractive fruits to catch attention. Considering how precious planting space would be during these times, it's important to carefully consider your plants.

The following plants are an excellent food source and can camouflage themselves among weeds and bushes:


Carbohydrates are a good source of energy which is needed for survival and potatoes are essentially carbohydrates. Potatoes look a lot like any other plant with green leaves and occasional small white flowers. So grow potatoes in your survival garden since they blend well with other plants and even weeds.

Bush Beans

Bush beans are another excellent source of vitamins and minerals. What's great with this plants is how they can look like other perennial weeds. The fruits are long and look like stalks which perfectly camouflage with other non-food source plants. Their roots are good nitrogen source as well which benefits other plants close to them.

Sweet Potatoes

Unlike the regular potatoes which have poisonous leaves and berries, the leaves of sweet potatoes are edible. In fact, the leaves are a good source of vitamins and minerals, a much-needed element for self-preservation. The vines look a lot like ivy and other invasive climbing plants, no one will notice unless one takes a closer look.


Blueberries have been growing wildly for so long now. They're a good source of anti-oxidants and vitamins and therefore, recommended in every secret survival garden. Good thing, blueberries grows easily and blends well with other small trees or bush.


The silky pod and the hairy indigo weeds look so much like the peanut plants. It makes, therefore, easy for peanuts to hide among them. No one would want to miss out on peanuts not only for their health benefits but for being a tasty and favorite treat.

Fig Tree

Perennial plants are great for a secret survival garden as they can be left off by themselves and still thrive. Fig is a perennial plant which you can easily grow from bare roots. It is an important ancient crop considering it's an excellent food source.


Asparagus are not only tasty but they are a good anti-oxidant source too. Even foragers have a hard time looking for wild asparagus, they hide perfectly among weeds with only stalks and no leaves to identify them. Grow some in your secret survival garden for tasty meals even in times of crisis.


Growing An Indoor Secret Survival Garden

Variety in food intake is essential, especially for life preservation. Since not all plants, as I've previously stated, doesn't blend well with the greeneries outdoors, indoor gardening would be a perfect idea. Well-hidden indoors, you can grow flashy plants like tomatoes, peppers, and other favorites. Who says you can't have tasty meals in critical times? Maximize space and grow as many veggies as you can in an indoor secret survival garden.


This video from MarkP0177 will give more tips and ideas on how to grow your own secret survival garden:

In any critical situation, it is important to always stay as calm as possible. Well, this is my way of telling you not to get all anxious and panicky for what hasn't occurred yet. Although, it's perfectly smart to prepare for the unexpected. Don't wait for any calamity and disaster and start learning some survival skills. Learn how to create your own secret survival garden!


Do you make preparations for any emergency too? I'm interested to know your story. You can share it in the comments section below.

Learn to identify a good food source in edible flowers as an important skill for survival preps!


Feature image source via Tend Collective

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