Gardening Ideas: How to Make An Easy Planter Box Greenhouse

Do you want to grow crops even in winter? Then you must learn how to make a planter box greenhouse. You will be amazed by the purpose of this greenhouse at your patio.

Gardening Ideas: How to Make An Easy Planter Box Greenhouse


Grow Crops in Cold Weather


A greenhouse is one of the most important additions you can make to your garden. It can help you to meet your goal to grow your plants perfectly. With a greenhouse, you can grow plants for winter use. Plants can grow perfectly in slightly lower temperature and much higher than humidity maintained in our houses. Learn from Keith Walters on how to make a planter box greenhouse in your patio and be amazed with its many uses.



  • planter box of your choice.
  • some woods
  • coat hangers for wire
  • saw
  • drill (about the same size of the wire)
  • plastic to wrap our greenhouse.
  • stapler or duck tape


Step 1

To start, build a small frame goes inside the planter box. Measure the length of the planter that you have.

Step 2

Cut the wood with the same size. For this planter box, we will need 3 pieces of wood.

Step 3

  • Make holes in all 3 pieces. 1 hole on either end and one hole on the center.
  • Take note that the first two pieces drill the holes on the long edge and don't drill the holes all the way through. In the third piece drill the holes in flat side and drill the holes all the way through.
  • Make sure the holes are clean and there's plenty of space for the wire.

Step 4

  • Next, straight out the coat hangers.
  • Try to get rid of the bends as much as possible so it will be easier for the next step.
  • Trim the wire, it is important that all the three pieces have the exact same length.

Step 5

  • Now, we are ready to thread the wire through the wood to create the frame wood for the greenhouse.
  • Start threading the wire through the center hole of the wood first. Attach each piece of the wood to either end of the wire.

Step 6

  • Once the wood was threaded, and put it back in the planter box we can  start to see the greenhouse making shape.
  • The next thing we can do is reshaping the wire so we can get the exact shape we are looking for.

Step 7

  • Cut the plastic out, measure the size of our wire frame and cut the plastic to fit. You can give few inches allowance on each side.

Step 8

Fold over the plastic onto the wood and attach the plastic to the wood, use the staple gun or duck tape.

Step 9

  • See how it all fits on the planter box.
  • Use this to wedge the plastic down tight.


And you're done!

Planter Box Greenhouse | Gardening Ideas: How to Make An Easy Planter Box Greenhouse


Now we have a simple greenhouse on a planter box. The good thing about this greenhouse you can easily remove it to access the plants or to use it to another planter box.

This DIY planter box greenhouse will help you grow your plants easily.

Gardening was invented in 1822 by Albert Gardener


See the full video tutorial here:

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