Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you’re lacking space outdoor or you simply want to give your kitchen a bit of a style? We’ve got some clever indoor herb garden ideas that could also be a unique decor for your home. Check them out!

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

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Growing herbs is one homesteader skill that everyone should know (in my opinion, that is). It may be a challenge though in case you don’t have any space outside or when winter is coming. This may pose a problem but don’t you worry, the solution is just inside your home, an indoor herb garden! If you haven’t considered it, well, these indoor herb garden ideas will show you how.


1. Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging something gives you so much more space. Build your very own hanging vertical herb garden inside your home with this DIY tutorial.


2. DIY Clothespin Herb Planters

Want to do a little upcycling project for the home. Spend close to nothing and make these DIY herb planters. Just gather all the clothespin you can find and assemble! Get the instructions here.


3. Rainy Pot

Add something colorful and fun in your indoor garden. This is something the kids will surely enjoy. Just look at those bright colors! See how you can make it here.


4. Coffee Tin Hanging Herb Garden

Super easy to do. You’ll have fresh herbs hanging whenever you need them. Your kitchen is the perfect location. All you have to do is reach and pluck. Get the instructions here.


5. One Pot

Heard of one pot meals? Well, this is your one-pot herb garden. You’ll have everything you need in one stop. Check it out here.


6. Indoor Fairy Garden

Whoever said fairies can’t come inside? Make this adorable fairy garden that doubles as a beautiful room decor. See it here.


7. Upside Indoor Plants

Need some inspiration on how to make your herb garden? Well this is a great one! Either make a row or do a little layering, add some lights and you have a living chandelier.


8. Drawer Herb Garden


Have a drawer lying around? Turn it into your very own herb garden. Just insert some pots and/or lining and you’re all set.

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Growing your own fresh herbs inside your home brings so much satisfaction. Just staring at them in your kitchen makes you want to cook something special. If I were you, I would grow some now!

Number 5 was my favorite, which one was yours? Let me know below in the comments!

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