[Gardening Tools] How to Properly Use a Limb Lopper

Maximize your gardening skills — learn the right way of using gardening tools such as limb lopper.

[Gardening Tools] How to Properly Use a Limb Lopper

Make Gardening Easy Using a Limb Lopper

Gardening tools save time and effort. Tools help us achieve our goals for our garden. Every gardener should know the proper way of using tools and how to choose the right tool for the project. Here's another tool guide from ehowgarden on how to use gardening tools featuring limb lopper.

Loppers are used to cut medium diameter. It can be used to cut stems and branches that are not more than the thick of your thumb. They are effective pruners with long handles.

Preparing your Tools


Every time you will start gardening and before using tools, be sure your tools are clean, sharp and in good working order. Once in a while give a quick check up on your tools, it is a better that we know their condition so you will know what needs to be fixed.


How to Use it


It is used by two hands and available with a variety of lengths. Don't force if the material is too large for easy cut, it should be cut using bow saw or hand saw. Long handles are good to reach higher and allow you to cut thicker branches.


Give Extra Care


After using limb lopper be sure to clean it properly to avoid the spread of disease to one plant to another. Clean it before moving to another plant especially when you are working with a diseased plant. Blades can easily be clean with the use of orange oil or vinegar. It is essential to have proper maintenance and give extra care to your tools.


Watch the full tutorial here:


Save your time and effort by using the right tool that's right for your project. Have a productive gardening!

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