Growing Ranunculus: Bring On Spring With These Bright Buttercups

Can't decide what flower to grow in your garden this spring with all the lovely choices? Don't miss out on growing ranunculus this spring season with this easy and simple growing guide!

Growing Ranunculus For A Dazzling Spring Flower Garden

Flowers are my favorite decoration at home, but I am not one to buy expensive bouquets for that. My little patch of heaven–how my small flower garden is fondly called–is fairly sufficient. Ranunculus, also called buttercups, are among my favorites flowers which hail, spring has come at last! Grow yourself a dazzling spring garden landscape with this rainbow-colored flower plant, ranunculus.


Why Grow Ranunculus?

Why not? Ranunculus isn't only lovely planted outdoors, they are excellent cut flowers too. It isn't called the “rose of spring” for nothing. Ranunculus has cheery, brightly-colored flowers and long upright stems which make them great for bouquets and flower arrangements. They will last for 10 days in a vase. Best of all, they're not as challenging to grow and care for like the somewhat fussy roses.


Where And When To Grow Ranunculus

Although, ranunculus are considered spring flowers, time of planting can vary depending on your hardiness zone. Ranunculus are ideal for spring growing, but you can grow them during fall and overwinter in high tunnels or indoors.

Ranunculus are cool season plants but requires full sun to grow successfully. You can grow them in containers, in plant beds, or as plant borders. They make great plants for a dazzling garden landscape when planted along with flowering plants like primroses and pansies.


How To Grow Ranunculus

Soaking Ranunculus Corms

Ranunculus are grown from interesting corms or tubers and look pretty much like tiny octopuses. Whether you're planting ranunculus in containers, directly in plant beds, or pre-sprouted, soaking ranunculus corms in room temperature water for 10 hours would be ideal. Soaking ranunculus corms will make it expand or double in size and prepare them for planting.

How To Grow Ranunculus From Pre-sprouted Corms

Pre-sprouting ranunculus corms will give you a headstart and earlier flowers.

  • Take a flat and wide seed tray and fill it with potting mix or well-rotted compost.
  • Spread the pre-soaked corms or tubers in the seed tray, then cover with soil.
  • Give the seed tray a watering and place it in a cool place which is inaccessible to rodents.
  • Check the tubers after two weeks if they have developed roots and some sprouts. You can now transfer them in plant beds prepared with rich, well-draining soil.
  • Dig 2-inch deep holes, wide enough to plant the corms, and spaced 4 to 6 inches apart.
  • Plant away!

How To Grow Ranunculus Directly In The Ground

You can grow ranunculus corms directly in the ground  like how it was traditionally done, but it has to be pre-soaked still.

  • Prepare your plant bed with a rich, well-draining soil and dig holes 2 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart.
  • Simply put the corms with the claw side down and cover with soil.
  • Keep your plant bed moist but not soggy to keep the ranunculus corms from rotting.

How To Grow Ranunculus In Pots

Use a 10-inch pot to grow three corms or tubers, but you can use smaller pots for individual planting.

  • Fill it with rich potting soil or well-rotted compost and dig three 2-inch holes, equidistant from each other.
  • Plant the pre-soaked or pre-sprouted ranunculus corms in the holes then cover with soil.
  • Place them in a sunny location but provide mulch to keep the plants moist.

Ranunculus Plant Care Tips

Give your ranunculus plants a good mulching to keep the roots moist and keep the weeds out. Picking or harvesting ranunculus for your flower arrangement is actually a good thing for your plant. This will encourage more blooms while regular deadheading will prolong the blooming period. Once the foliage has died down, you can remove and store the corms, and re-grow them next spring.


Follow this video for more tips and ideas in growing ranunculus this spring:

Don't you think ranunculus buttercups are just lovely? You should include them in your flower garden landscape this spring. Give your garden a makeover (add add them for your home decor) with the stunning ranunculus!

Growing ranunculus this spring? I'd be delighted to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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