Growing Avocado From Seeds | Garden Season Guide

Growing avocado from seeds can be a bit challenging but once you get to know the secret to let the seeds sprout, you'll find it very easy!

A Foolproof Guide to Growing Avocado From Seeds

Growing avocado from seeds bear tasty fruit and can be added to various recipes. Guacamole is probably the most popular use of avocados and there are a lot of delicious guacamole recipes you can try. The next time you're making your family and friends some tasty guacamole, you might want to save those pits and plant it in your backyard.

So, are you ready to give it a try? Learn the basics on growing an avocado from seeds as you read on!

Growing Avocado From Seeds | Garden Season Guide | Infographic

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Growing Avocado From Seeds

Step One: Determine Your Hardiness Zone

One of the most important things to look out for is if avocados can grow in your region. Determining your hardiness zone is crucial in the success of growing avocados from seeds in your backyard. Depending on what variety of avocado you’re trying to plant, avocados best grow in zones 8 to 11.


Preparing the Seeds

Step Two: Eat Avocados

Ready to get healthy? Eat those avocados and save the pits for the succeeding steps. Once you’ve collected the avocado pits, rinse it off under running water. This is to remove any remaining clinging fruit from the seed.

Step Three: Peel The Seed

When you’re done washing off the seed, peel off the brown skin covering the pit. Sometimes, it can get hard to do this as it is attached firmly. What you can do is cut the skin gently with a paring knife. Don’t worry about leaving a shallow line on the seed, it will have no effect at all in the germination process.


Sprouting Avocado Seeds

Step Four: Prepare Your Plant Pot

Fill your plant pot with moistened soil. You need to make sure it’s free from weed sprouts. If there are any compacted soil or clumps, break it off by rubbing bits between your fingers.

Step Five: Plant The Seed

Get your avocado seed then press it gently into your plant pot. See to it that the seed is covered halfway, making sure the pointier part is the one visible and the wider end is buried in the soil. Water the soil to keep it moist and put it in a place where it wouldn’t be disturbed.

Ensure the soil is always moist and doesn’t dry out. The seed might take up to about seven to eight weeks to sprout.

Step Six: Keep It Sprouting

When you see a crack in your avocado seed, it’s a sign the seed’s about to sprout. Place your plant pot where it can get sunlight. If the weather’s good, you can go ahead and take your sprouting avocado seed outside.


Growing Avocado

Step Seven: Nip Tiny Sprouts Off


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Once your plant has grown a couple of leaves, nip the tiny sprouts off emerging at the top. This will prevent your avocado plant from growing into a three-foot high stick having only a couple of leaves.If your avocado plant does not grow as tall as you like, wait until the third pair of leaves come out before nipping new sprouts at the tip.


If you want to know the traditional method of growing an avocado from seed using toothpicks, watch this video:

Growing avocado from seeds by planting it directly in soil is more successful than doing the traditional method of inserting toothpicks into the avocado pit. So, after doing your homemade guacamole, you can start saving those avocado pits and plant it in your backyard. You just have to wait a while before those delicious avocados start growing and when those crops start showing, you'll be able to enjoy preparing sumptuous meals with your avocados!

Do you have some tips on growing an avocado from seeds? Will you be planting one in your garden? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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