How To Make Plants Work As Natural Cat Repellent

Want the natural way to keep off your feline pets from wreaking havoc in your plants and garden? Then nothing could be more natural than using your plants to stop them from doing so. Check out how you can use plants as natural cat repellent or use plants that cats love to your garden's advantage.

How To Make Plants Work As Natural Cat Repellent

Protects Your Plants And Garden With Natural Cat Repellent

Cats will ramble and prowl about your garden for three reasons. To find food or prey, to play and to poop; and such nasty leavings will they give off. These are three very natural reasons for cats which we as pet owners need to consider. But our dear garden doesn't have to be the object of their natural destructive ways. Your garden is as alive with the plants that you grow as the pet cats you take care of. Read on how you can design your garden that cats will read, you're uninvited!


Cat Repellent Plants

Growing the right plants in the right places could help protect your garden from your feline ramblers. Plants such as the scaredy-cat plant can deter cats with its offensive odor. Although cats have the sense of smell that is ten times stronger than humans, 30% of cats have an affected sense of smell or may have lost it in old age that they will not be bothered by these plants. So you can try using other natural means we have more below to keep off cats in your garden.


Prickly And Thorny Plants

Just as any other animal, thorn and prickles from plants even those that we like to grow can be irritating to cats. Grow some of these plants like the Euphorbia milii, roses, holly, and hawthorn to shield more sensitive plants from cats. Perhaps it's a good thing after all that some plants has to have thorns and prickles. They can be handy when you just got to scratch your head with how your garden have looked after one of your cat's ramblings.


Ground-Covering Plants

Your garden is a welcome sight to these furry critters when it's got loose soil they can easily dig into to cover their messy deposits. Having your soil completely sprawled with good ground-covering plants like Engish ivy and creeping raspberry will give them no space to work out their messy deeds. You get to keep off cats to protect your garden and spruce up your garden landscape design. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone!


Give Cats A Break

While there are plants that cats stay away from, there are some that they can't get enough of.  Grow a separate bed of plants that are known to be loved by cats like the catnip and other mint plants.  Make sure it's as far away from your garden as possible. Take caution that you do not invite your neighborhood cats over this way and make your yard a one big cat hangout.


Watch this video from Claire's Allotment for more ideas on cat repellent plants:

Give your cats a fix of catnips they love to get their attention somewhere else but your plant beds. Stop them in their tracks to your garden with natural cat repellent and deterrent plants.

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