23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

Terrarium-DIYWho doesn't want to bring a little bit of the outdoors into their home? A mini plant terrarium will definitely capture your heart and will bring a touch of nature inside.

23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

Create a Tiny World | Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

Terrariums are small enough to sit on a table or a desk and the perfect way to brighten up your home. If you want to add a little greenery to your room, then you might want to try making mini plant terrariums! You can enjoy the visual aesthetic of a garden without the maintenance or even a lot of space! Here are the best ideas for mini plant terrarium that can add a natural touch to your interior decor.

1. Cactus Terrarium

Cactus Terrarium| 23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

Cactus is perfect for your layered cake inspired terrarium.

2. Hanging Terrarium

Hanging Terrarium| 23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

This hanging terranium makes a classy accent to your home.

3. Terrarium Lamps


Not just a habitat but also a source of light. This is literally a bright idea.

4. Light Bulb

23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas | 23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

Another bright idea, up-cycle a light bulb into this mini plant terrarium. See the full tutorial here.

5.  Vertical Magnetic Terrarium


Perfect for small spaces — this vertical terrarium won't take up any room in your office or house.

6. Meter box Terrarium

Who would think that a meter box can be a terrarium? Bring out the creativity in you and make terrariums out of unique objects.

7.Terrarium Christmas Ornament

Make your Christmas tree extraordinary with these charming terrarium ornaments. You can see the full tutorial here

8. Recycled Soda Bottles

Here's an inexpensive way to make a terrarium — use recycled soda bottles!

9. Terrarium Necklace

This makes a perfect gift for a holiday. Give the gift of green – learn how to make this terrarium necklace.

10. Terrarium Place Holder


This terrarium place holder will make a statement to any table setting.

11. Spice Jar Terrarium

23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas | Mini Plant Terrarium

This is a creative way to spice up your mini plant terrarium project.

12. Mini Green House Terrarium

Mini Green House Terrarium |23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

You wouldn't believe this mini greenhouse terrarium was made from an old picture frame. See the full tutorial here.

13. Coffee Pot Terrarium

For the coffee lovers out there, this is a great idea if you're planning to make a mini plant terrarium.

14. Gumball Machine Terrarium


Primitive and Nostalgic! A great idea indeed.

15. French Press Terrarium


Another coffee-lover inspired terrarium.

16.  Lantern Terrarium


Add a touch of color with this DIY terranium. Perfect for a table top.

17. Cracked Pitcher Terrarium


Don't be upset if you accidentally break your grandmother's antique pitcher. This idea is a brilliant way to recycle it.

18. Easter Egg Terrariums


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Make your easter egg hunt more exciting by making egg terrariums.

19. Milk Bottle Terrarium

Milk Bottle Terrarium | 23 DIY Mini Plant Terrarium Ideas

A simple milk bottle terrarium. Great way to recycle.

20. Hanging Terrarium


Looks complicated? Nope. This is so easy to make and will brighten up your home.

21. Pocket Watches Terrarium

It's not all about jars and glass. Try making this vintage-inspired terrarium out of pocket watches.

22. Marimo Ball Terrarium

Love the beach? Try this terrarium project now.

23. Mini Terrarium Place Card

Here's a brilliant way to make your wedding table cards!

Here's another great tutorial from Secret of Life Bio Nerd on how to make terrarium:

You will not run out ideas when it comes to mini plant terrarium. List down these ideas and try it at home.

Do you have any more creative terrarium ideas? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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