How To Effectively Make Compost From Grass Cuttings

Do you know how to make a good compost from grass cuttings? Composting grass clippings provide nitrogen-rich compost ‘greens.' In this article, you’ll learn the steps in making a compost from grass cuttings.

How To Effectively Make Compost From Grass Cuttings| See more at:

How To Effectively Make Compost From Grass Cuttings

Making Compost From Grass Cuttings

The volume of grass cuttings during late spring and summer often exceeds the supply of other green waste to make a suitable compost mixture. In this case, you can solely use grass cuttings or combine them with other mixed green waste. This particular method involves the use of soil as an essential ingredient. Ensure that the pile is never turned and kept covered from rain.

Keep in as much heat as possible. One way is to make a large pile. In warmer climates, the heat comes naturally within the pile and requires little assistance. Plastic compost bins or adapted receptacles are much better than using ordinary plastic bags. These are very sturdy and make a big difference.

The steps are fairly simple. Initially, you need to make a layer of grass cuttings about 20 cm in depth. Then, spread a layer of shredded carbohydrate-rich materials such as newspaper or sawdust over the surface. You can even use an oat bran or anything you like if you have any stale cereal in the cupboard. A small amount should be sufficient. You need to cover this with a thin layer of soil. Approximately 2.5 cm will provide the required bacteria and absorb the water and gases which will stop the compost-making process. Continue this until all of the grass cuttings are used. Then cover the top to keep out the rain or simply place the lid on the plastic compost bin.

Next time you mow your lawn simply repeat the process on top of the previous pile. A pile made in spring or summer can be used in late autumn or spring. If the grass has been treated with a feed and weed spray leave at least six months in between when placing grass cuttings on the pile and using the compost.

Similar to grass cuttings, you may add organic matter such as vegetable peel or other waste. Avoid anything which contains seeds as these may grow in the compost pile. Do not add any weed matter to the pile as these have the same effect as seeds, which then defeats the objective.

Know more about grass composting is in this video below:

Grass clippings are essential addition to your compost pile. There are lots of reasons why composting is important —  we're able to save resources, money and improve soil. Good luck in your composting and mulching! Let us know how it went by leaving a comment below. Happy gardening.


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