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I've always wondered how to grow kiwi from seeds. If you're curious too, read on below!

Foolproof Guide On How To Grow Kiwi From Seeds

Kiwifruit or more popularly known as kiwi is one of the edible berries with a soft texture and a quite unique sweet flavor. This fruit is high in Vitamin C and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of healthy recipes — from salads to tasty desserts.Aside from enjoying the sweet and unique taste of kiwi from your favorite recipes, you'd definitely want to grow a kiwi vine in your garden because of the numerous health benefits you can get from the fruit. If you love eating kiwi as much as I do, maybe it's about time for you to learn how to grow kiwi from seeds at home.

Step One: Get Your Kiwi

It's best to use organic kiwi if want to try to grow one. There are lots of kiwi varieties and any of those can be used. However, since the Hayward variety is normally the one available at the grocery store, it would be easier to just use this type.


Step Two: Collect and Clean The Seeds

Cut the kiwifruit into quarters then scrape all those black seeds into a bowl. Once you've collected the seeds (get as many as you can), you'll notice there's a gooey substance still stuck on the seeds. You need to remove it by adding water into your bowl of seeds, swish it around then drain. Do this repeatedly until your seeds are completely clean.


Step Three: Germinate The Seeds

On a damp paper towel, spread your clean kiwi seeds. If there are several seeds in one spot, you can use a knife to separate them. Fold over your damp paper towel two times, making sure the seeds are completely covered. Moisten the paper towel a bit more to help with the germination process then put it in a ziplock or a plastic bag. Don't forget to label it with the date you sealed it. Store the kiwi seeds in a warm, dark place.


Step Four: Readiness Check

In about two to three weeks, check on the seeds if they've sprouted. Depending on the conditions, the seeds may take sooner or longer to sprout. Once the seeds have sprouted, they're now ready to be planted!


Step Five: Place The Seeds In A Tray

Take your whole paper towel filled with seeds and place it in a tray filled with fertile potting soil. After some time, the paper towel will disintegrate and the kiwi will begin to come up. Select the best seedlings you'll be transplanting to a permanent spot and weed out the weak ones. You need to be very careful since kiwis are fragile.


Watch the step by step video about growing kiwi from seeds here: 

Growing kiwi from seeds is easy-peasy, right? Now, you have to get those vines bearing fruits! You have to take note though that there are male and female kiwi vines and only female kiwis bear fruits. What you should do is pollinate male and female kiwi flowers. It might take about three to four years before you can harvest kiwifruits.


Do you know another method for growing kiwi from seeds? Are there some tips you can share on how to successfully grow kiwi vines? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Where do I plant them? Full Sun? Part shade? Protected from wind??? I have a hot dry yard. Would it be better to leave the seedlings in a large pot? How large will they grow. I have never grown any berries. Do they need to be supported, or will they grow up a fence ?

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