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Looking for a houseplant that won’t be a prima donna when it comes to growing and caring? Make room for peace lily, an amazing indoor plant with glossy leaves and exotic-looking flowers. Learn how to grow peace lily plants and how to easily care for them when you read through!

How To Grow Peace Lily Plants And Keep Them Happy Too

Houseplants are integral to my home decor and I am very partial to the ones of the flowering variety. I maintain an amazing ‘birds-of-paradise’ plant and I’m not one to miss out on these lovely peace lilies. Propagating or growing peace lilies is quite easy despite their appearance. Although I struggled a little in the beginning, I can say it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Find out how to grow peace lily plants and care for them, plus tidbits of interesting info and tips here!


Why Grow Peace Lilies

NASA Clean Air Study found that indoor plants, especially peace lilies, have the ability to purify indoor air from contaminants. Isn’t it amazing that these plants don’t only have aesthetic value but have a practical function in the house as well? This must-grow plant grows interesting-looking flowers and thrives in both pots and a shaded landscape. Peace lilies are perennial shade garden plants which are virtually impossible to get rid of, a plant worth your every penny.


Where To Get Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are easily available in nurseries and garden supply stores. They’re even available online but it’s practical to buy them where you can immediately check their condition. Peace lilies propagate well, though they don’t spread as quickly as others–why not ask a friend who is growing one for a crown you can use to grow your own?. But I would suggest buying a full grown pot of peace lilies from which you can propagate more plants. Nurseries have different varieties of peace lilies that range in size and growth habit. If you want more abundant flowers, try the ‘flower power’ variety.


Where And When To Grow Peace Lilies

Unfortunately, peace lilies can only be grown outdoors in zones 10 to 12. But don’t despair, peace lilies are shade-loving plants which prefer the cool sheltered nooks and crannies of a shaded area. So they’ll make great indoor plants in cooler climates. Peace lilies don’t tolerate direct sunlight but an hour or two of indirect sunlight will do them good. You can grow or re-pot peace lily in spring and they could grow flowers in summer.


How To Propagate Peace Lilies

When roots start peeking from the surface of the soil and shoots have grown in the pot, it’s time to grow more peace lily plants from them. Find out how to easily grow more peace lilies from just one pot as you read on.

Step 1. Prepare Pot And Soil

Peace lilies like fertile and well-draining soil to grow in. Adding well-rotted compost in your garden soil can be beneficial. You can use plastic or clay pots with sufficient space for the roots to spread. Make sure the pots have holes for drainage. You can also spread a layer of perlite or gravel for added drainage.

Step 2. Divide Peace Lily Crowns

Take out the peace lily plant from its original pot and check for dead or diseased plant parts. Prune or cut out these plant parts including leaves with dried or scorched areas. Place the roots under running water to wash the soil out and completely expose the roots. This will also help rid the plant of pests. Identify whole plants and divide the crowns from the plant by using either your bare hands or a garden knife.

Step 3. Planting Peace Lilies

Now that you’ve got your pot layered with pebbles for drainage, add a layer of soil, then put the peace lily plant. Hold the plant gently by the base a little suspended in the air with the roots trailing down. Scoop more soil into the pot until the roots are covered up to the base. Pat down the soil around the base to take out air pockets, then give it a watering.


Caring For Peace Lilies

Balance is everything when caring for your peace lilies. Growing peace lilies directly in the ground in shaded areas can be easier, nutrient-wise. But if you’re growing them in pots indoors it will need a bit of attention. Since nutrients can be limited in the pot, you’ll have to fertilize peace lilies once every three months with a balanced fertilizer.

Keep peace lilies moist, regularly during summer but water less during winter when the plant growth slows down. Avoid using chlorinated water but let it stand for some time, or you can use rainwater for peace lilies and other indoor plants. Peace lilies love the shade but they’ll need some light to flower. However, avoid putting them in a south-facing window to avoid damaging the plant with the intense heat. Find out more about caring for indoor plants here.


Watch this video for more tips on how to grow peace lily plants: 

Now you know how to grow peace lily plants in your shade garden or indoors. Regardless which method you choose, I hope these tips and info have been very insightful. Have a fun time growing peace lilies this season!

Do you grow peace lilies and got care tips to share? Leave them in the comments section below! 

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