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When I first learned how to grow garlic in my garden at home, my guide was lengthy and complicated. What I found out later was that growing garlic is easy, especially with bulbs. If you observe closely, you can see that garlic bulbs sprout tiny green things off their tips. Garlic can, therefore, grow unattended. But with your green thumb, a good garden soil and this simple homesteading guide to growing garlic, you can have a steady supply of this flavorful veggie.

Learning How To Grow Garlic The Simple Way

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Want to know how to grow garlic at home? If you’re in need of some tips on growing garlic, then you’ve come to the right place! You know what time of year it is? Garlic planting time! So, go get a shovel and start plantin’ away!


Where To Plant

Choose a partly sunny location where it doesn’t rain heavily too often. You can either plant garlic in the ground or in a container, both work perfectly well. However, if you choose a container, make sure it’s wooden or plastic and has drainage holes.


Type Of Soil


The soil quality is very important when considering planting garlic. The soil should be sandy and well-drained. If you can’t get your hands on sandy, well-drained soil, mix a bit of sand and peat moss, into a normal soil. If your winter is colder than 8°C, put some hay onto the soil after you’ve planted the garlic.




Now we’re ready to plant the garlic! You should be planting garlic in autumn. Take garlic clove out of a garlic head, but DO NOT take the flakey layer off of the clove. That layer will protect the clove from rotting in the soil. As you can see, there is a pointy top and a flat bottom. The pointy top should always be at the top. Dig a hole in your soil, about four inches deep. Place the garlic clove into the hole, pointy side up. There should be about three inches from the top of the close to the top of the soil.



In about 2-3 weeks, a sprout will start growing from each clove. The sprout will look like green onions (but it isn’t, so don’t eat it!). The garlic sprout should stop growing when winter starts. For the whole winter, the garlic clove should be in the soil. When spring starts, the top of the sprout will turn brown. That is the cue to take the garlic out of the soil. Once you took the garlic clove out of the ground, the clove will become a garlic head!


Even though it takes a long time to grow garlic, it’s worth it! Once you place the farm-fresh garlic in your mouth, you will become addicted!


Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you plant the garlic by the end of autumn (about in October), or you can plant it in early spring and take the garlic out in late summer.
  • If it is colder than -8℃, put some hay “ON” the soil (but not “IN” the soil).


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Garlic is an all-around vegetable, most dishes at home will need it to boost the flavor. Every self-sufficient gardener knows how this favorite spicy vegetable can be costly in the market. So get your green thumb flexed and get planting for your fresh and steady supply of garlic.

What do you think of this tutorial on how to grow garlic? Let us know in the comments section what your thoughts are with growing garlic. Will you give it a try? Let us know how it went and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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